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Artin Slot Cars

Artin is a manufacturer of slot cars and slot car tracks.
In the past Artin was not taken seriously by die-hard slot car racing enthusiasts, but recent updating of some of its components (like pistol-grip controllers) has increased the brands popularity. Because the Artin track system is widely available in the United States, England, and Australia, Artin does help introduce people around the world to model slot car racing.



Artin International Holdings limited was set up in 1965.
The headquarters of Artin are located in Hong Kong. In the eighties the factory moved to Dongguan at the mainland of China. Today, Artin employs 2,500 people at the plant in Dongguan.


Detail Quality and Power

Artin slot cars typically do not have the high level of detail currently offered by other, more expensive slot car manufacturers like Fly Car Model or Ninco - however the slot cars themselves are roughly as powerful as the NC1 powered cars of Ninco.

Powered by a traditional can motor configured as an inline chassis, the Artin slot cars don't readily lend themselves to signifigant performance improvements due mainly to a very basic chassis design. However the Artin chassis isn't the only challenge to greater acceptance among slot car racers; the lack of a more detailed finish is probably the brands biggest roadblock to higher acceptance among slot car enthusiasts.


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Track System

The 1:32-scale track is extendable to 6 lanes. The slot depth is 63 mm, the distance between the slots is 76 mm and a track width is 165 mm. Borders are available. Made in China since 1965, primarily HO (1:64) and 1:48-scale battery operated type sets Artin now makes 1:32 scale products. In Germany the products are sold under the name Racy. The track surface is very smooth and roughly the size of Scalextric track, although the track appearance in more akin to the Carrera offering.


Track Fit and Assembly

The Artin track design locks together easily and fits firmly. Adults will find no problems with assembly, however it may be more difficult for younger children to assemble a racing layout straight out of the box. The included yellow colored outer track borders can be easily attached to the track. Unfortunately, the Artin track is made of a very breakable styrene-type plastic. It is not possible to bend or flex the track like the materials of Ninco or Scalextric. It is not possible to connect the track to systems of other brands.


Spare Parts

It can be difficult to obtain spare parts or extra track pieces.
Artin is offered primarily in department stores where, too often, they do not sell accessories. Additionally, some of the smaller slot car shops won't offer Artin parts and accessories. However Artin enthusiasts aren't completely out of luck - as Artin products can be found fairly easily through online stores.


Power and Controllers

Each set comes with a DC wall pack and controllers. The quality of the included pistol-grip controllers is fair in relation to what you'll find included from other manufacturers.

The Artin power system is large enough in size and has "hook-ups" similar to rival Carrera. The large transformer supplies power for all 4 lanes via 2 plug-in connectors. Rated at 12VDC, many racers will find the Artin power pack suffers from a lack of available amperage. According to the transformers data plate, each lane is supplied with 150ma. Seasoned racers know that most slot cars will require more than this for optimal performance, so an additional pack wired in parallel, or simply replacing the Artin boxed unit with a stand-alone power supply will make a noticable difference.


Lap Counters

Artin does offer a set with an electronic lap-counter and thankfully the electronic lap-counter can also be purchased separately.

The Artin #A5722 lap counter is used with the Artin #A5721 sensor track. The digital lap counter features traditional Victory March music to signify the end of race, counts from 1 to 99 laps, has a fastest lap indicator sound and also includes internal memory used to display the fastest lap time recorded during a slot car race.

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