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Eldon Industries

Eldon Industries, Inc. was a toy company located in Hawthorne, CA that also in its heyday owned locations in Canada, England, Japan, and the Netherlands.

The company is best known for items and brands that repackaged Japanese toys and distributed them worldwide - an example is the Billy Blastoff astronaut toy produced by Tomy. Eldon's slogan was "Just for the fun of it." which could be heard in both TV and radio advertisement, as well as in print ads.

Common complaints are with Eldon's nylon chassis, pickup, shallow slot grooves. Some say that the cars fly off the track too easily. cars are fast, but require time, patience and skill to get working.

There was a counter at the Hawthorne facility where you could go in and buy Eldon items, essentially direct! There wasn't a showroom per se', howevert you could tell them what you wanted and buy it right there.

Huge International Grand Prix Selectronic Race Set - Corvette with working headlights - Eldon Go Cart racer.

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Eldon Slot Car Parts and Accessories

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